Doug Hager
50+ Years Since Founding Kaplan & Waddell, Now Winright Hager

Winright Hager is a franchisee law corporation, modeled after Winright Law, and has been a committed legal provider to clients since 1969. Originally one of the founding partners with Frank Kaplan, Doug Hager started off primarily in areas of real estate, wills and estates and corporate work.

He later started Kaplan Wadell after partnering with lawyers, Frank Kaplan and Duff Wadell, and continues to carry out its unwavering legacy with Winright Hager, by committing to a mission of taking care of their clients and being available to all their needs as if each of their clients are friends or family.

This is the foundation upon which this 50 year plus law firm has been built, and a value that we, at Winright Legacy, consistently strive for and always seek to improve.

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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Whatever your legal problem, there’s likely an attorney who specializes in dealing specifically with your particular legal issue.

We can’t predict or control the future, but we can plan for the uncertainties. Incapacity planning and proper estate planning are among the most helpful things you can do for yourself and your family. In many cases, advanced estate planning can reduce or eliminate estate taxes that would otherwise be due. Whether your estate is large or modest, we can help you create your will, medical power of attorney, enduring power of attorney for assets, and any other documents you may need for your situation.

We use a comprehensive approach to handle the legal needs of older adults and their families. Our work can include general estate planning and administration, planning for long term care or incapacity, and navigating the complex world of probate. Additionally we can assist you with trust planning and administration, preparation of wills, and guardianship. Our central focus is always to ensure that the client is protected and is able to maintain the maximum degree of autonomy and independence, while achieving the highest possible quality of life.

From the moment a business is formed, and throughout its life cycle, there are legal issues that must be addressed. The right business law firm can create a difference between success and failure for your company.
Our knowledgeable lawyers advise real estate owners and investors on comprehensive experience in the acquisition, financing, development, leasing and sale of real property. Our attorneys actively participate in each phase of the transaction, structuring the deal, forming the appropriate legal entity, negotiating the documents, reviewing title and survey issues, and closing the deal.

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